Tile Master Puzzle

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Tile Master Puzzle Tile Master Puzzle

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Tile Master Puzzle Game


Tile Master Puzzle is a very fascinating puzzle game. You are given a field with different pieces, you have to drag the same pieces to the board to assemble a combination of them. To make it disappear, you need to put three equal parts one by one. And that’s what you have to do throughout the game. The game is very simple, with a nice and colorful interface. Start playing!


  • Get new puzzles every day.
  • Complete challenging tasks.
  • Play with others and have fun.


Click on any block to drag it to the board. Three identical blocks will be removed from the board. Remove all blocks as quickly as possible. When all the blocks are removed, you will complete the level! If 7 blocks remain on the board, you lose!

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