1 Square

1 Square is a puzzle game. Do you like to have fun, and most importantly with intelligence? Then this game is for you!

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1 Square

Best Free Puzzle Games Online

1 Square

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5/5 - (1 votes)

Cute Elements

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Word Search Animals

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Canvas Blocks

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Colors Of Holi

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Cheat Death

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Hitty Axe

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Puzzle Rotate Animals

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We have collected the best free Puzzle games for you to challenge yourself and your cognitive functions. The classic Puzzle requires you to adjust parts that would complete each other to make up a picture. But when playing different ones you will get that the rules may change according to the game.

Open the puzzle game you like in your browser and try to fold it in time. Open the full screen mode to see the least pieces to win faster. Because playing puzzle on your mobile may be a little too unclear without a full screen. So do not forget, whether you want to develop your memory, pattern recognition, logical skills etc. – free online Puzzle games are the easiest way to do it.

What is the essence of Puzzle games?

Puzzles are now always a jigsaw or a mahjong board based games. Sometimes it can be created just to entertain you, to make you relax and spend some time playing. Also nowadays game developers have done something like 3D jigsaw puzzle to play. In those games the pieces have to be adjusted all around the 3D figure gaming field. Of course it makes the game harder, but it is a challenge for experienced players for sure.

Speaking of the variety of puzzles we have to dive in the history of this game. The original and the first one of a kind was invented in the 1760 by someone called John Spilsbury. Of course the first puzzles were meant to be dissections, special locks that could keep the secret in safety unless you have patience and decent intelligence to use what’s hidden in a proper way. Those first puzzles were made of wood, decorated with golden pieces and usually performed some floral blossom or nature pictures.

Why should you play online Puzzle games on this site?

We bet you have never used a more convenient site. There is nothing to distract your attention than a game you play. All the puzzle games are free and available to play with no download right in the browser. Open your smartphone or computer and play puzzle games online. Do not forget the full screen mode. It is always better to use it to fold the puzzle faster.

While playing, subscribe to our Facebook page to stay tuned with the latest updates in the world of modern Puzzles. Also, please, vote for your best game on our site. The voting process is very important, it helps us to improve the content and the quality of the tenderfoot games on our site.


What are the most popular Puzzle games online?

  1. 1 Square;
  2. Tangramz;
  3. Word Search Animals;
  4. Cute Elements;
  5. Blockz;
  6. Linez;
  7. Cheat Death;
  8. Canvas Blocks;
  9. Hexologic;
  10. Colors Of Holi.

Are free online Puzzle games available to play on mobile phone?

Yes, all the games on our site are available to play by your smartphone, tablet or computer, just open the link in your browser and enjoy.

What are the Puzzle games online?

These are the same old good Puzzles but for free. Play and enjoy folding them with no download, no spending money but in full screen mode and available 24/7.

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